Monday, April 24, 2006

We Close at 8

Ok, so I guess I can not completely blame the customers, I mean you do have to practically walk into the window to see what our hours are, but once you've seen them, don't you think you should comply with them?!?! Oh, yeah, that's right, I forgot, the world revolves around you. Please do not be concerned with the fact that we have now been closed for 30 minutes and you are still browsing around, oh and don't worry, I don't mind that I JUST FUCKING FOLDED THAT PILE(and you watched me), please feel free to rummage through it.
Here is the typical scene from 7:45 PM on, at around 7:45 we close one door, just a slight hint that we are getting ready to close, at around 7:50 PM we lower the music, blow out the candles, and pull in the bench (if there is one outside.) Anywhere from 7:55 PM to 7:59 PM, the music goes completely off, everyone that is working there is focused on straightening and have obviously lost interest in you. 8:00 PM, the door officially closes. We are lucky if there are no customers left at that time, but typically there are 4-6 people walking around or in the fitting room. At this point, it is apparent that we are closed. You have your stragglers who genuinely did not know that you were closing and apologize profusely to you. We also have the people who want to just walk around and then pretend they did not know you were closed, and then they can't even muster up the decency to say thank you when you unlock the door for them. Then you have the people who every time they are in your store they stay past the time you close, yet every time they act like they don't know you are closed. Let me tell you, they are winning no Oscars for that performance. The absolute best are the people that bang on your door or peer through your window with that questioned look on their face, are you closed?? UMMMM, hello, the door is locked and the parking lot is empty, yes we are closed.
Oh and I just can not forget to mention the people that are like I just want to look around, I've never been here before, I won't buy anything! And with that statement, I can guarantee you have bought yourself a one-way ticket out the door. You think I am going to let you peruse around my store for an hour so you can buy nothing, AFTER we are closed. Oh sweetie, you are seriously delusional.
Everytime it happens, everytime someone stays past the time we are closed, I can't seem to fathom mankind. I would love to go to where these people work right when they are getting ready to go and just have them stand around waiting for me, I'll ask them questions, have them find me things, whatever, just to make them have to stay past the time they want to go. So I say to any customer out there reading this, when a store closes, that's it they are closed. And after you finally leave we have to clean up the mess you have made all day long, so every second you stay longer is another second you are taking off of my life. So remember that, and please feel free to tell me where you work, I would be glad to give you a real-life example of this.

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