Sunday, March 19, 2006

So seriously??

So, seriously, is there an exact moment in a person's life when all of their moral fibers just vanish? Is there a switch to reality that turns off as soon as people hit a certain point in their life? I am just wondering when it is that people decide that no one else matters in this world except for themselves?? When is it that people decided that because you work in retail you must be the absolute scum of the earth and they have every right to treat you like shit? I mean when did that happen?
When did they lose all ability to say, "excuse me," "thank you," "please," or to utter any other phrase that resembles etiquette? Instead, we get people that interrupt us no matter what we are doing, because what we are doing or discussing could not possibly be as pressing as what they have to say. We get people that feel the need to step behind the cash wrap even though that is clearly not the place for them, honestly people....your dancing space..........MY dancing space. BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!
We get grown women who can not for the life of them put the clothes they chose to try on back on the hanger. Many of them leave piles on the floor, they apparently think we are maids or something. Now I understand, some people might think, well hey that's your job, but really, is it my job to clean up after the over-privileged?? Ummmm, I think not.
My absolute favorite is the people that pick something up, decide they don't want it and put it back backwards, I mean come on, it would definitely take less effort to put it back the right way, and if we were not constantly cleaning up after you, we could probably assist you more, which might get you off our asses about the whole customer service thing.
Then there are those people who are just dying for a bargain. I MEAN HELLO, you are shopping in an expensive store, this isn't the dollar depot people! We have some customer's who somehow always find the item that is damaged, and it just happens to be their size and exactly what they were looking for, oh and ironically, the last one.
"Actually, this has a stain on it, but it's the last one in my size, do you think I could get a discount on it?"
"I don't know let me get out my magnifying glass and detective kit and see if I can find the non-existent stain, hole, damage, defect you are referring to!!"
Don't worry though, because they will always get the discount, that's our company policy, give the customers everything they want, let them walk all over you, treat you like crap, and come back in a few days to do it all over again.
Thanks president of the company for your customer friendly policies, oh and don't worry, when I get my therapy bill for the mental anguish you've caused me, I'll be sure to send the bill directly to you.

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