Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drama Free

My roommate, who I love dearly, is a bit of a drama queen. This is not me talking behind her back, she knows it as we have spoken about it many times. Everything that happens to her is the biggest deal in the world and she always tell the story so it has that tone of our parents and grandparents stories when they tell us they walked miles to school, in the snow, with no shoes. I usually entertain her drama filled moment for about 1-3 minutes. Last night though, I was not in the mood. She had apparently dropped her cell phone into the toilet and thought she was the only person in the world that this has ever happened to. I calmly told her that she could put her phone in rice and I have heard several times that has been successful in saving people's waterlogged phones.

Every time something like this happens and someone reacts like the world is collapsing on them, my response is always, "Worse things have happened." How is it that I am one of very few people that realizes that? I have been plagued with several sicknesses, some chronic, and am infamous for having bad luck. I almost never complain and I just don't get how other people can't see past their problems to bigger picture. In the grand scheme of life, you are just one being, so you have to imagine that there are others out there with similar experiences, and then others who have it waaaay worse. We live in NYC, don't you think that after passing 6 bums on your way home that you might think your life is a little bit better. Let me put it this way:

Your day: I dropped my cell phone in a toilet while I was out to dinner at a nice restaurant with my friends after work.

Bums bad day: Sat on the street somewhere hoping that someone would take mercy on me and give me some food, or some money to get food, maybe even something to keep me warm.

I guess I just wish that people would realize how fortunate they are, even if you are not a millionaire living the high life. The fact that you have a job, a place to live, money to eat and clothe yourself, a roof over you head, that anything else that happens is like an added bonus.

So you dropped your cell phone in the water, it's replaceable. Life will go on.

I prefer to be drama free.

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