Monday, July 30, 2007

The Top 10.....

10) Maybe, just maybe, not EVERYONE is in as big of a rush as you are

9) Standing in the middle of the street, isn't going to make the light change ANY faster

8) If everyone who got on the subway just filed in like normal, considerate, polite people, we wouldn't all have to feel like we were packed in like sardines now would we?!?

7) Although people in middle america can't vote for shit, maybe adopting some of their polite ways wouldn't be such a bad idea.. a little excuse me here, an i'm sorry there, can I hold that door for you?!? Nothing out of the ordinary

6) Life has got to be better than pouring your blood, sweat and tears into your work only to have to take a vast majority of your earnings and put it into those 2x4's we call home!

5) Everything is Relative

4) There is life outside of these city limits, a world that exists outside of New York

3) Just because you live in NYC doesn't mean that it is any less weird when you put the contents of your closet together in ways that only the cutest child could get away with

2) It's ok to need to a break from this crazy city


1) Pot Happens :)


eric said...

i love the Top 10 list.. i shall post one on my blog. wait for it... =)

Becca said...

haha i can't wait