Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok, well the Title hopefully got all the screaming out of me. There are soooo many things I want to write about, but I think I will stick to cynicism. Recently I went to the airport and when I got there I realized I didn't have my license, or any photo identification......PROBLEM, right? Yeah, no, not-so-much apparently. I went to security with my pre-printed boarding pass and asked what I do if I have like 500 forms of other ID, but nothing with a picture on it. They told me to go to the ticket counter and they will take care of it. Still, I'm thinking, this is going to be a huge problem. I get to the ticket counter, explain the situation and the guy goes, no problem, I show him ONE, just ONE form of id and they give me a new boarding pass that basically says I will be getting pulled aside and checked. So I go back to security, go through the line and get pulled aside and quickly checked. So, we are living post 9-11 where, generally speaking, security is pretty high. Bullshit, I didn't have any photo id and you barely even looked up at me, and certainly didn't ask me any questions, and then just let me on the plane. That doesn't make me feel all that comfortable about my safety at airports (or anywhere) 'bout you?

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