Sunday, February 10, 2008


Honesty is kind of hard word to define, and probably one that most people define differently. The first word in relation to honesty is that it is a quality. A quality is a charcterisitic or a trait. One of the things that makes us all intrinsically human is that we all have the capability to do what is right, to act responsibly, truthfully and honestly. The problem in human life lies where the responsibilty, the truth and the honesty should be directed. Some people do it all for their families, some people do it for themselves, some do it for their countries and some people do it for their jobs. Everyone's sense of responsibilty,truth and honesty is different, we all meausre it differently which makes it hard to define.

What I think should be universal is that we should all be honest with eachother and with ourselves. Everyone who knows me knows that I am an honest person, pretty blunt, a tell it like it is kind of person. I do this because I don't think there is any need to sugar coat things or play games. I think you should be able to say to someone I feel this way, or I think this, and this is why and go from there. For example...I think that life is waaaay to short to sweat the small stuff, and that people always think they can do it tomorrow, or a week from now, whatever, and people take for granted that tomorrow, a week from now, whatever, will be here. We do not know for sure that it will be. I also think that people make it really hard for everyone else to be honest, because people read too much into things, or just take from it what they want to create their own truths.

This is officially one of my little rants, because I think people rely too much on other people's truth and it makes us all incapable of being who we really want to be, or who we really should or could be.

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