Sunday, November 04, 2007


I am absolutely, positively, continuously astonished by how selfish people can be. I think it astonishes me to no end because I am CONSTANTLY thinking about other people's feelings. I actually wonder often how someone could spend so much time thinking about one's self. Does that truly make people happy? I'm fairly certain that we were not all put on this earth to fend for ourselves, rather to work together, to be one huge community, working together to improve the world for generations to come.
*We were certainly not put here to kill other people, war should be banished.*
*We were not put here to make others feel inferior, All men are created equal. *
*We were not put here to be overworked and undervalued. You should always work to live, not live to work.*
*We were not put here to have any regrets; everything you do, every feeling you have, everywhere you have been is an experience, good or bad. These experiences make us who we are.*
*On that note, it is not about the experience, but rather what you do with the experience, how you react, that truthfully makes you the person that you are.*
*We are not here to live in solitude. You should never feel alone, there is always someone, somewhere you can go.*
Always remember, you are someone! Everyone has a purpose, a reason for being here.

So back to my original reason for posting, people's selfishness. I just have to again ask HOW?!? How do you get like that? How do you live like that? How can you not care about other people's feelings and other people's happiness? How do you not think about how your actions can affect someone else? The problem is that life should be fun, FOR EVERYONE! And your selfishness is making it impossible for life to be fun for anyone. That is so not fair! Maybe walk a mile in someone else's shoes, and see how it feels....

To sum it up, if you are constantly thinking about yourself and you are the only one you think about, in the end that's where you will be...ALL ALONE

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